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We were very pleased with Larry’s service and professionalism. Our laptop died, and thought all we could do was try to save the data. Larry was able to not only recover everything, but also save the laptop. Now we have all our data and saved hundreds not having to buy another computer! We would definitely trust him again with any future problems we might experience!

Dwayne Dubois, Bells Corners

Larry is very knowledgeable in data recovery.  His service is fast with affordable rate. I highly recommend Sabo Computer Repairs & Data Recovery for personal/home data recovery.

Xi Chen, Ottawa

I was very satisfied with the great service I received from Larry, and pleased that he was able to accommodate my schedule for drop-off and pick-up. I had called various other data recovery services and the prices they quoted me were immensely higher.  Larry gave me a very fair price and was able to retrieve all of my data in a very short time.  I would definitely send anyone looking for data recovery or computer repair to him.  Thanks, Larry!

Louis Kabamba, Orleans

I was very impressed and so grateful for Larry’s quick and efficient services. I had a damaged external hard drive that needed recovery and contained all my work files. Larry recovered it within 24 hrs and was able to retrieve all my data. Other companies wanted to charge me an arm and a leg and could only promise a 2 week turnaround time with no guarantee, where SABO did it in a day and a half and was reasonably priced. I’m so thankful that I found him and I didn’t go anywhere else.

K. Bryant, Kanata

I had some dead hard drives and brought them in. He fixed them super fast and I am extremely pleased with his work. All my data was there and usable. Excellent price and top notch service. I would highly recommend Larry to any and all.

Blair Stewart, Orleans

We had an unexpected drive failure in our NAS drive with all our honeymoon pics, daughter’s baby pics and more, along with freelance work and other files. We were heart broken, but Larry managed to recover the data in a few days and at about $150 less than the bigger data recovery places. Prompt service and great communication. I learned my lesson with backing up data, but I’ll definitely be referring anyone who’s in a similar spot.

Gavin Doak, Ottawa

I would highly recommend Larry handling data recovery issues, especially dealing with the most difficult mechanical failures. Larry helped diagnose the drive’s issue over e-mail, until which point I was confident that a head swap from a donor drive may be required. I dropped the drive off to Larry and by the next day I received notification that the data has been recovered. I find that he is passionate about the work that he performs, is honest by having a straight forward pricing structure, and is extremely fast in the service delivery. I would definitely use his services again when the need arises.

K. Kim, Nepean

Larry took on quite a difficult external hard drive failure that I had been struggling with for months and systematically salvaged all of the data I had on the drive.  He kept me updated daily as to what issues he was encountering, possible fixes, and estimated cost of the service each step of the way.  After trying multiple approaches it was really looking bleak for the data. However, Larry proved to be more persistent than the problem and was eventually able to recover and transfer everything I thought I had lost.  I took the drive to Larry after reading these testimonials and am very pleased that I did.

J. Miall, Ottawa

I am Larry Sabo’s biggest fan!  I had a 1TB hard drive that had hundreds and hundreds of precious pictures.  When it stopped working I had no hope of retrieving those memories!  I happened upon Mr. Sabo’s ad on kijiji and decided to give him a try, and I am so happy I did!  He is efficient, courteous and knowledgable! He responds to emails very promptly and was constantly updating me with what he was doing.  All of this was done at a veryyy reasonable price!  The man is a miracle worker!!  Needless to say, I will be opting for Larry’s services for any future hardware or software needs.  He has wildly exceeded my expectations!

Thank you Larry!!

Abrar Ali, Ottawa

For weeks we have been trying to recover a specialized program from one of our failing PCs.  No matter what we tried, the laptop just did not want to boot up. Within 48 hours, Larry Sabo from Sabo Computer Repairs determined that the hard drive had many unreadable sectors and recovered all of the files and data that were not corrupted. Although Windows was damaged beyond repair, Larry did recover the critical program’s installer and documents that had not been backed up.  We appreciated Larry’s perseverance and determination to find a solution where most others would have given up.

Kyle Toppazzini, President
Toppazzini and LeeConsulting, Kanata

Great service, recovered all my data from a failed hard drive within a day, and the price is reasonable. Recommended.

LZ Zhu, Kanata

We took our hard drive to Sabo Computer Repairs with 10-years-worth of family photos we thought were lost forever. Larry Sabo diagnosed the problem and had all of the files retrieved and copied to a new hard drive within hours.  Truly knowledgeable and straight-up honest.  We would definitely recommend Sabo Computers Repairs.

Luigi and Carol Della Penta, Ottawa

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