Definitions  “Sabo Computer Repairs,” “we,” “us” and “our” mean Lawrence J. Sabo of Kanata, ON. “You” and “your” mean the person whose authorizing signature appears on our Work Order, e-mails acceptance of our Terms, or approves remote support access. “Computer” includes computers and component parts and associated items such as internal and external hard drives, storage media and peripherals.

Remote Support  Our attempt to repair your computer may make it unbootable or unusable.  If it does, an on-site visit or delivery of your computer to us might be necessary for us to complete the repair for an additional fee.

Ownership and Authority  You affirm that you are the owner of the software and computer submitted for service, or are otherwise duly authorized to make decisions regarding the servicing of that equipment.  You authorize us to install and uninstall software and to accept end-user license agreements on your behalf when necessary to perform our services.

Data Backup  It is your responsibility to back up your data before submitting your computer for service. Upon request and for a fee we may back up your data for you but factors beyond our control make it impossible for us to guarantee the integrity or completeness of backups that we make.  We are not responsible for damaged, incomplete or missing files, or for the retention of backup files.

Data Loss & Data Recovery  We make every effort to maintain the integrity of your computer files.  However, we are not responsible for any loss of data that may occur, however caused.  You acknowledge that our data recovery attempt may not succeed and may even hinder, prevent or increase the cost of data recovery by others.

Cost of Repair  Our rates and prices are posted on our website:  Pricing estimates are valid for seven days.  Should the estimate need to be revised, we will obtain your approval before making the repair.  The cost of parts is non-refundable once parts are installed. HST will be added to all prices and fees.

Payment  A deposit may be required before parts are ordered or service is provided. Final payment is due upon completion of work and is to be made in cash or bank transfer unless otherwise pre-approved.  A $25 fee will be charged for returned cheques and a late fee of 1.2% per month will be charge on balances outstanding more than 10 days.

Limited Warranty  We warrant all work directly related to repairing the problem you described when you authorized the repair for a period of fourteen days on parts and thirty days on labour.  This limited warranty applies to parts and labour costs only and excludes data recovery, software and data corruption, loss or errors however caused, liquid spills and physical impact.  Virus and malware removal are not warranted because re-infection and new infections are beyond our control.  Remedy is limited to repair of the problem again or refund of the amount paid, at our discretion.  Once our work has been completed, hardware tampering, hardware and software upgrades, and changes or adjustments performed by you or by a third party will void our limited warranty.

Manufacturer Warranties  Our work on your computer may void the manufacturer’s warranty.  You are solely responsible for knowing and understanding what, if anything, is covered by any warranties on your computer before authorizing us to work on it.  You are responsible for dealing with the original manufacturer on hardware warranties, returns and service on parts we install once our limited warranty has expired. We may assist you in this process at our choosing.

Liability  Our liability for damage to your computer is limited to any damage that is caused by our negligent acts or negligent omissions as determined by us and is limited to the total price of the repairs performed by us.  Software upgrades and removal of viruses and other malware may damage software and/or data installed on your computer and may require the re-installation of your operating system, programs and data for an additional fee.

Abandoned Property  If you are contacted regarding the completion of our services, regarding a decision on a pricing revision or ordering parts for your computer, or are asked to pick up your computer, and you do not respond within sixty days, your property will be considered abandoned and may be sold, dismantled or otherwise disposed of by us without liability or compensation to you.

Privacy  We take security measures to preserve and protect your privacy and will open, view and search your files only to the extent necessary to perform our services. However, should we find evidence of criminal activity or child pornography, we will report it to the authorities.

Effect  These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all future repairs we make to your computer unless superseded by our mutual agreement to new Terms and Conditions.

Acceptance  To accept these Terms and Conditions, click here. 

Work Order  You can download our composite work order+terms document for offline completion, scanning and return by e-mail.