Our passion is successfully recovering your data, at prices that can’t be beat.

Are you unable to access your pictures, documents or other files because of a defective hard drive?  We can help.

We recover data from hard drives that:

  • Were dropped, click, buzz, won’t spin, or are not detected/recognized correctly
  • Cause your computer to shut down, freeze, not start, or reboot repeatedly
  • Contain data that is inaccessible or was deleted accidentally or by a virus

. . . including from:

  • PC and Mac desktop and laptop internal drives, external drives, and network attached storage
  • USB flash drives, memory cards, and CD/DVDs

These problems can have many causes.  Correct diagnosis is critically important and misguided recovery efforts can do more harm than good.   Our advice is to bring your drive in for a free, no obligation assessment.  We’ll determine the cause of the problem, what data can be recovered, and what the recovery would cost.

Free Assessment.  We do not charge to assess your drive, which includes diagnosing the problem, determining what data can be recovered, and what the recovery would cost.
No Data, No Charge.  If we are unable to recover the data that you want or if the cost is prohibitive, no problem—and no charge.*  Just pick up your drive and we’re done.
Local Lab.  Recoveries are performed by us in our own data recovery lab, not shipped to an affiliate/partner.
Data Recovery Prices.  Our prices range from $150 for the simplest recoveries to $500 plus parts for the most complex*.   (Prices for backing up or transferring user data from drives that are healthy (but unreadable because of Windows problems) are posted in the Computer Repairs section.)

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